Frequently Asked  Questions:

Why did TTY choose the month of March as "Pregnancy After A Loss Awareness Month"?

Our son, Taylor, was stillborn in March of 2007.  We welcomed our first Rainbow Baby on Taylor’s funeral anniversary of March 9th the following year, in 2008. March is a very beautiful and special month for our family, and we have since welcomed two more Rainbow Babies in the month of March, as well. 

Why is your organization named Taylored To You?


Founded on March 3, 2009, following our very first Rainbow Belly maternity session, Taylored To You was started to honor the memory of our son, and is lovingly named after, Taylor Jeffrey Gerald, who was stillborn on March 3, 2007.  Visit Taylor’s Story to learn more about our son and our experience. 

Do you provide Photography services other than Maternity Portraits?

Unfortunately, we currently do not offer additional photography services at this time.  The volume of requests received, coupled with the fact that we are a small organization, does not allow us to expand our photography sessions to include family or newborn portraiture at this time.

Do I have to be 20 weeks or farther to request a session?

You are welcome to schedule a session as early as 16 weeks, however we only provide Maternity sessions at 20+ weeks gestation; to ensure a growing baby bump. PLEASE NOTE: If you are scheduling prior to your 20th week, due to the fact that we try to accommodate all requests, if a request is received from a family who is nearing their estimated due date, we may need to reschedule your session


What if I do not know my baby’s gender when scheduling or do not plan to learn my baby’s gender at all?

We would like to know the gender of your child, so that we may plan our props accordingly. However, if scheduling prior to your 20-week ultrasound, you may follow up with us, after you've learned the gender. Or if your family does not plan to learn the gender, you will be prompted to specify this, and we will supply gender neutral items/props during your session and a gender-neutral bouquet.

What Resources does Taylored To You provide?

We aim to support all families who are experiencing a pregnancy following the loss of a child at any stage of pregnancy through miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death, and the loss of a child at any age or any time for any given circumstance.  Our maternity sessions often include all members of the family; therefore, it is a healing experience for all involved.  We also offer birth announcement templates, a Bouquet of Blessings and often have items of commemoration in the form of giveaways (via our Facebook page, here: https://www.facebook.com/TayloredToYou).  Visit our Resources page for more information. 

What is the questionnaire and why do participants have to complete it to receive a Rainbow Belly Maternity Session?

Upon requesting a Rainbow Belly session, we send a questionnaire to the individual who is requesting a Rainbow Belly maternity session because these portraits are very personal in nature, in that we aim to include all family members, including Rainbow Babies and Angel Babies; this questionnaire allows us to personalize each session to fit the uniqueness of each family's personal journey of loss and healing.  


Does Taylored To You supply the props and/or can I bring my own?

Taylored To You offers a wide variety of unique props that provide an artistic and beautiful way to incorporate Angel Babies while celebrating Rainbow Babies.  We offer angel bears in boy or girl coloring and ungendered options as well.  We also have booties, blankets, scarves, floral sashes, picture frames, chalk, non-toxic finger paints and so much more to offer.  You DO NOT have to use any props that we offer, and you are MOST WELCOME to request a particular prop or set up that you may have seen previously used in one of our sessions.   Furthermore, every single family is encouraged and welcome to bring anything that they wish to use that incorporates their Angel/s and/or Rainbow/s.  We have effortlessly included any and all props that families bring along.  Some of our most frequently requested images are the family feet line up -- where children (if applicable) and angels and rainbows are all included in the form of bears and booties.  Another more frequently requested image is a family portrait that includes a framed image of their beautiful baby/ies they have lost. 

*Note: families are encouraged to remove the glass from the frame as it removes glare.  

Can I request a session for a family I know?


We are frequently asked how someone may schedule a session for a family of loss.  It is absolutely commendable to want to help your loved ones and/or friends who have experienced a loss and are pregnant once again.  We operate primarily on referrals, so we appreciate you sharing our resourcs with others; however, the journey of grief is different each and every family we encounter.  Some wish to be very private in their experiences and others are very open.  An expectant mother and her family may not wish to participate in a session, and I am unable to photograph anyone without their direct consent - therefore, the mother or father need to request a session.  We also require all participants to fill out a questionnaire so that we may personalize their session to their families individual story.  If you would like to present our organization in a "gifted" manner, we often provide brochures to be given.  This gives them the information and allows them to decide if they want a session.  They will then choose to reach out. 

Do you have a studio/indoor location?

Unfortunately, due to lack of resources and space, we do not currently have an indoor location available for our sessions.  All sessions take place outdoors, at a location decided upon between Taylored To You and the families we serve.  We do Rainbow Belly maternity sessions all year through and some of our most beautiful sessions have taken place mid-winter or even following heavy rains, etc.  We aim to honor each and every request that comes through, however, due to lack of studio space and due to the nature of the equipment used during sessions, we do reserve the right to cancel/reschedule a session due to inclement weather.  We have only done so on a few occasions and were always able to reschedule wtih the families.   



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